George Garfield Nader was a fantastic actor who delivered a number of masterpieces for the Hollywood cinema goer. Apart from being a terrific actor, he was also a master of words. He authored two books in his lifetime which are still much sought after. Born to American parents with a hint of Lebanese genes, Nader made sure that his strapping good looks and youthful body lingered on till the end of his acting career.

In one of his best works ‘The Second Greatest Sex’ he was applauded for coming on screen with his chest hair intact. The struggle behind Nader’s success was never his alone. His lifelong partner Mark Miller quit his acting career to pay the bills and essentially paved the way to Nader’s good fortune.

George Nader received his big break in 1953 when he starred in ‘Robot Monster’. He soon got picked up by Universal. Unfortunately for him, Universal Pictures already had a number of beefcake personality actors who were more established than Nader could ever hope to be. Reduced to receiving support roles and the ones rejected by other actors such as Hudson, Curtis and Chandler, Nader got a tag of B-grade actor.

However, George Nader never let triviality affect his benign demeanor. He never turned down parts and even appeared in many TV shows. He was almost a regular at The Loretta Young Show. In his later acting career, Nader moved to Europe. He tried his hand at working for German cinema where he excelled again.

A car accident sadly rendered him unable to work under bright lights after a couple of years. He shifted his focus to writing then and made a bestseller of his first work Chrome.

Nader passed away in February 2002 following a mysterious bacterial infection which put him in a coma. He was survived by his partner Mark Miller and his nephew.