‘Chrome’ by George Nader is still on Goodreads

With an average rating of 3.5 on Goodreads the book ‘Chrome’ by George Nader is still making the rounds in homosexual erotica. There are many people who remember George by his acting career only. However, he was one of the literary kings when it came to penning down a love story between a humanoid and a man.

George Nader began his acting career by starring in ‘Robot Monster’ in 1953 after appearing in a series of movies. He won a golden globe as well the next year for being the most promising newcomer. He starred in many movies in either the starring role or supporting role by Universal Pictures.

In early 60s Nader moved to Europe where he continued his career with German cinema. After a car crash however, he hurt his eyes bad and could not work under bright lights anymore. That was the end of acting career for Nader.

He turned towards writing and within a couple of months came up with the bestseller Chrome. The plot is based on science fiction. It comprises of a beautiful tale of love between a man and a humanoid of the same sex. Many say that Nader created an ending in which the two cannot be together as a representation of his real life.

For people who thoroughly enjoy homosexual fantasies, Chrome is a must read. Nader wrote another book during this time called ‘Perils of Paul’. It was a collection of real life incidents regarding homosexuality which Nader and his partner faced in Hollywood. The book was supposed to be released after the death of Nader, however, in 1999 he self-published it in a quiet affair.

Even today Nader is fondly remembered by many classic movie fans as being brusque, brash and uncannily handsome. George Nader passed away in 2001 leaving behind a legacy in terms of movies and books.