George Garfield Nader has among the most enriched movies in Hollywood. Eventhough he was clubbed with other B-grade actors he ensured that each performance which he gave was stellar. He is known for many films like ‘The Female Animal’, ‘The Man and the Challenge’, ‘Away all Boats’ and many more.

He received a golden globe for being the most promising newcomer in the year 1954. Nader was the fourth choice for any movie with Universal. He was often recalled as speaking bitterly about being cast after Hudson, Curtis and Chandler.

However, there were many movies such as ‘Lady Godiva of Coventry’ and ‘The Second Greatest Sex’ in which he played the lead role.  His other movies include ‘Phone call from a stranger’, ‘Big Town’, ‘Monsoon’, ‘Sins of Jezebel’ and ‘Four Guns to the Border’.

George Nader was among the stars who never shirked from any role. Also, in a time when most of the stars would trim their chest hair, he came onscreen with all his hair intact.

Nader also maintained his good looks and rock strong body till the very end of his career. He used to swim and lift weights tirelessly to maintain his physique. During his time with Universal, Nader appeared in many TV shows. He was a routine fixture on ‘The Loretta Young Show’ and ‘Hallmark hall of fame’. He also appeared in ‘Cavalcade of America’ and ‘Lux Video Theatre’.

In 1964 Nader moved to Europe after the threat of a scandal in Hollywood. He appeared in a variety of German movies. Soon, Nader had created a niche for himself in the foreign market where his movies air even today on cable.

Apart from movies, George Nader was the author of two books with a homosexual base. He wrote Chrome and Perils of Paul which both became a bestseller.