George Nader was born in Pasadena, California. He knew from a young age that he wanted to be an actor. His graduation was completed from the Occidental College in Theater Expressions. After serving time in the US Navy, Nader focused his attention to acting.

His first performance was with Pasadena Playhouse Theatre. This is also where he met his lifelong partner Mark Miller. However, Miller knew that Nader was the one who would be a star one day and sacrificed his acting career to pick up small jobs in order to pay the bills.

After months and years of struggles with many two bit roles in a number of movies and TV shows, Nader finally landed his big break with Universal Pictures. This is also where he met Rock Hudson. Nader, Miller and Hudson soon developed a strong friendly bond which stayed strong till the very end.

In fact, a tabloid ‘Confidential’ threatened to slander their names for being in a homosexual relationship. In reality, Nader and Hudson were strictly platonic. Hudson suffered from AIDS and during his dying days, Miller and George Nader together nursed him and took care of him.

Upon his death Rock Hudson bequeathed his estate to both Miller and Nader. This is around the same time in early 81 when Nader and Miller came out in public with their homosexuality. Unfortunately, after this Nader completely disappeared from public view.

George Nader’s last public audience was in 1st Annual Palm Springs Film Festival where he received a standing ovation for ‘Nowhere to go’. Shortly afterwards in less than a year George Nader passed away. His ashes were scattered to the sea after a quiet and private ceremony. Currently, there is a cenotaph dedicated to his memory in Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Cathedral City (Palm Springs).