George Garfield Nader was born in 1914 to parents from Kansas and Illinois region with a hint of Lebanese blood. This is probably what gave Nader his strapping good looks. He is among the most underrated actors of the 50s and 60s era. There are almost 100 movies in which Nader appeared. Apart from movies his career also involved TV shows and writing books.

Nader’s first movie was ‘Robot Monster’ which is recalled as one of the worst movies ever made till date. However, even with the camp characteristics and really bad cinematography this 3D adventure went on to make millions on the box office. The director Phil Tucker made the movie on a budget of $16,000 in exactly 4 days.

This was the big break which George Nader needed. He got picked up by Universal soon after and went on to act in big leagues with other well established actors. However, because Universal Pictures already had many actors on payroll in the ‘beefcake’ category, Nader was reduced to being a B-grade star.

Not one to be undone, George Nader kept at his work with a smile and delivered some fantastic performances. He is still remembered fondly by many classic movie enthusiasts.

During the mid-60s Nader with his partner Miller moved to Europe. He soon established a name for himself by working in a series of German films. After a car accident rendered him unable to act anymore in 1974, George Nader turned towards writing books.

His first book Chrome is still among bestsellers in the homosexual erotica category. On Goodreads you would find that ‘Chrome’ has very interesting ratings.

Nader disappeared from public eye in early 80s. He spent most of his time flying back and forth between his home in Palm Spring and Hawaii. In 2001, Nader came down with a bacterial infection after one such tour. The mysterious infection put him in a coma and after 6 months he passed away quietly.

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